70-Degrees ... Too HOT? REALLY???

70-Degrees ... Too HOT? REALLY???

Yep!  At least for me, 70 degrees is borderline YIKES.  This coming from someone who lived in Vegas heat for nearly 8 years.  Ugh.  (The heat, not the Vegas area - it's really quite lovely ... for a desert.)  

Before Henderson (just outside of Las Vegas) we lived in paradisiacal Sitka, Alaska.  Geographically, it's pretty much heaven.  Seriously.  Especially for someone who can't handle heat.  The average July temperature is a welcome 61-degrees!  (Now, if you all flock to Sitka you'll probably quadruple the population, so don't everyone move at once!)  

But here's the clincher.  We had one summer when we had temperatures in the 70s and 80s for a couple of weeks.  That was HORRIBLE because houses in Sitka are built to soak in the sunshine and absorb the heat.  So the inside of our house was in the high 90s.  Killer, indeed!  But I figured out how to handle it pretty darn quickly.  

You see, Sitka is a small town that sits right on the ocean.  The ocean temperature stays in the 50s pretty much year-round.  So everyday, as the heat would start to rise, I gather the kids and we'd go to the beach.  The beaches there aren't like California or Florida beaches.  They're pretty rocky and rough.  But the water!  OH the water!  I'd wade out into the water, then lie down and float on my back.  The relief!!!!  It did the trick for me.  

I just started carrying this incredible little cooling pad in our store.  What I would have given to have one of these in the Vegas years!  This is neat, friends!  You can sit on it, lean on it, sleep on it, snuggle it ... whatever suits your fancy.  And it COOLS you right down!  Boy!  During the worst of my MS I would have bought a plethora of these amazing little pads and covered myself in them :)  ... Kidding.  

I would have probably just bought 2 - one for the car and one for the home.  

If you ever get a hankering to read more about my MS years in beautiful Sitka, Alaska, pick up a copy of my book, Conquered.  But whether you want to read or not, please ... KEEP COOL this spring and summer!  

And remember, whatever situation you're in right now, there is always something you can CHOOSE TO CONQUER!


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