Healing Bracelets .. .To Believe, or Not To Believe?

Healing Bracelets .. .To Believe, or Not To Believe?

Yep - we carry "healing bracelets" in our store.  Why do I put it in quotes?  Well, there are believers and there are unbelievers out there.  Me?  I'm a believer.  But that doesn't really matter, now, does it?  Either they work or they don't.  Or, you could take another approach - at the very least, they're pretty.  

Scientifically, they are just beautiful stones / minerals / metals.  But anecdotally, through the centuries, strong claims have been attributed to healing properties of these refined pieces of the Earth.  Whether it's lava or gold, gemstone or copper ... believers will tell you that each unique part of the Earth carries with it unique properties.  Do a quick internet search and you'll see what I mean.  Just the plethora of pages that come up when searching "healing properties of ___" leads me to ask myself:  Why not?  I mean, really!  We humans are marvelous creations in ourselves ... why wouldn't each little molecule of the Earth also be marvelous?  Makes sense to me.  

So when it comes right down to it, I choose to believe.  Because, let's be honest:  Anything that might help, and is not invasive ... why not give it a try?  

And that, in a nutshell, is why The MS Store carries healing bracelets.  Eventually ... maybe we'll find some more fun things from the Earth to offer you!  Happy Healing, and CHOOSE TO CONQUER!


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