The Streets of Hong Kong 
8 months after starting The MS Store, my husband and one of our sons took a trip to Asia and Micronesia.  Included in this trip was a visit to Hong Kong where we met up with our Chinese vendor and supplier of our products for The MS Store, Mr. Ye.  
I first came into contact with Ye (as he prefers to be called) when I found one of our amazing store products while searching for what I thought our customers would  need/want.  After making contact with him and communicating solely through Google Translate and instant messaging, I found him to be trustworthy, smart, and caring.  Over time, Ye has become the supplier of most of the product we sell at The MS Store.  His integrity and hard work had me sold on him before ever meeting him in-person!
(Brad and Bryan and I did our best to navigate the metro... and THEN: we had to navigate the streets to meet up with Ye.  Good thing the guys I travel with have a decent sense of direction!)
So imagine my delight when Ye said he would gladly travel across the border from Shenzhen City into Hong Kong to meet up with us!  (For an American to get a visa to travel the short distance from Hong Kong into the mainland was too time consuming AND expensive for just a few hours visit.  Plus, we were concerned we wouldn't have our passports returned from the Chinese Consulate in time to travel.) 
We had a whirlwind, wonderful time in Hong Kong which included a crazy fun trip to The Jade Market (I had fun, Brad thought I was crazy), a spectacular ride on the tram up to the top of Victoria Peak, very foreign walks through the city, a metro ride, then very LONG walk to the LDS Hong Kong Temple, and an adventurous time with authentic Chinese cuisine.
(Top of Victoria Peak, overlooking Hong Kong)
(Bryan, in front of the LDS Hong Kong Temple)
(Meat Market)
But the best part of the trip was meeting Ye who traveled with his translator whom we called Nicole.  Ye has an infectious smile, a reserved demeanor, and kindness oozing out of him.  Besides meeting Ye, I wanted to learn, face-to-face, the conditions of the factories where our products originate.  I wanted to know about his employees, what is required of them and how they are compensated.  Ye was forthcoming in answering our very specific questions. 

And I can now assure you, our valued customers, that your products are made in comfortable factories where the well-being of the employee is tended to as much as the quality of the products.

Ye not only tests each new product we carry, but he takes the time to return low quality products and have them remade, give his employees time away from work - even when it delays arrival of our products, and communicates timely with me so I can communicate with you.  What a gem!

PS:  They sell GIANT delicious-flavored Kit Kat Bars in the Hong Kong Airport ... why don't we have them here?!???)

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