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I *had* MS. I know .... believe me, I've heard from haters.  But I've also heard from others who have benefited from my message of hope and healing.  And so I've begun this video series, titled after my book:  CONQUERED.

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Isn't spring a lovely time?!  When working on our yard, I went shopping for flowers.  I just picked out what I thought would look beautiful.  Imagine how I felt when I planted this beautiful clump of flowers and found that they are actually WALLFLOWERS!  I had no idea wallflowers were so beautiful! This experience has given me much to think about.  Sometimes, do we label ourselves based on what others think?  Maybe we base our worth on what society believes we should look like, feel like, be able to participate in (or not). How about we all step out of...

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I've had a lot of people here, customers of The MS Store, contact me asking about my MS story.  Along with my book that details my experience from diagnosis to healing, I've begun a podcast.  My hope is that my experience can inspire, encourage, and uplift others.  In this episode I talk about miracles.  This episode, really, is a preface to the entire series.

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