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Isn't this absolutley breathtaking?!? The red rocks of Southern Utah, snuggled up against the blue sky is a site that can literally stop your breath for a moment. Early in my MS experience, just a month or so after my diagnosis, my husband and I traveled to Southern Utah for his sister's wedding.  While there we did a litte site-seeing, including this trip to Snow Canyon. Snow Canyon is filled with Petrified Sand Dunes that are fun to hike around.  It's not agonizing, difficult hiking ... in fact, kids run around on the dunes and even up to the top...

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Some of us are more negatively affected by THE HEAT than others ... all my life I've been one of those who can't get hot without terrible reactions.  But that escalated BIG TIME when Multiple Sclerosis entered my life.  If I heat up too much, my legs stop working.  No amount of willing my legs to move make a difference.  This happened one June on a family hike down the Grand Canyon. It's insanely HOT in the Grand Canyon, and I thought I was prepared ... but three-quarters of the way down the South Kaibob Trail, heat overcame me and...

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