Conquered, MS -


Isn't spring a lovely time?!  When working on our yard, I went shopping for flowers.  I just picked out what I thought would look beautiful.  Imagine how I felt when I planted this beautiful clump of flowers and found that they are actually WALLFLOWERS
I had no idea wallflowers were so beautiful!
This experience has given me much to think about.  Sometimes, do we label ourselves based on what others think?  Maybe we base our worth on what society believes we should look like, feel like, be able to participate in (or not).
How about we all step out of the cliche autoimmune expectations (if that's our current situation). Or how about we we rise above today's slump we feel stuck in? Let's remember that even wallflowers can brighten a yard, and even brighten a life!  It's ok if we're fatigued, or weak, or busy, or sick But that doesn't mean we will always feel that way!  Let's give ourselves slack AND pull up our bootstraps to do all that is possible for us to do.  Let's focus on what we can do rather than what we can't.
Let's smile, then see if our heart starts smiling too.

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