Why I Care About My Skin ... And You Should Too


Our skin isn't just a pretty facade ... it's the largest organ of your body and has some important jobs, when it comes to health. Sure, keeping our skin soft and supple keeps us looking our very best, but there are better reasons than that to truly care for our skin.  Here are just a few:

  • Your skin can regulate your body tempurature.  Keep your skin healthy, and your skin can help keep you healthy by cooling your body through sweating and increasing blood flow. Conversely, your healthy skin can warm your body when you're cold by reducing blood flow to help your body retain its heat.
  • Your healthy skin converts sunlight into Vitamin D.  Keep it healthy so it has the greatest ability for strong conversion!
  • Your skin is the protector of the rest of your body!  It protects against germs, UV radiation and other environmental hazards.  It truly deserves the best care you can give to it!

Cold winter weather means dryer, needier skin.  Pay attention to how you feel ... give your skin more care when it needs it.

At The MS Store, we sell only the best skin care products!  Created right here in Idaho, and made naturally, we stand behind each skin care item we sell.  In fact, we use it daily!  Try it and you'll be hooked!


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