The MS Store Customer Testimonials 

  • MS Cooling Towel

  • Ma'am,
    I received the cool towels that you recently sent,  we are so very grateful that you sent the items. They will come in handy over here as we are conducting missions in temps of 112 - 117. I am attaching a photo of the majority of our unit, some of my Soldiers are not present in the photo due to missions. Thank you again for your kind heart.

  • Thank you so very much! I was not expecting an extra discount.  You have made my day.....even during the later part of a flare up. Once again thank you for your super customer care. I will certainly be a "regular " MS Store shopper! Erin U 

  • Personal Air Conditioners 

  • My name is Melynda and my first MS symptom was the year after I graduated from high school. The symptoms of numbness started in 1992. Over the years of different tests due to optic neuritis, memory issues, fatigue, etc, I finally had a spinal tap when I was officially diagnosed with MS. This was in 1998. I am currently doing well and taking Aubagio. At this time, my only issue is HEAT. I had to retire early from teaching due to memory issues. 😭 I am very fortunate to be able to stay home with my children. Thank you again for providing me with my wonderful Personal Air Conditioner. It has really come in handy.


  • My husband bought me one (Personal Air Conditioner). It helped me walk around an outdoor shopping center and stay cool. He bought them to help support me in the Texas heat when I take my students to recess. I had previously purchased a different style on Amazon but it was bulky, heavy, and the batteries didn't last. Charging this one and using it was so much easier! I definitely love this!! <3