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CONQUERED is the experience of one person's shocking diagnosis and subsequent healing from an "incurable," debilitating disease... Multiple Sclerois.  Covering diet, stress, physical exercise, the power of the mind, and spirituality, CONQUERED takes us through steps leading to her miraculous healing. 

From the book:  

That night, alone in my bedroom, I pictured myself digressing. I could see myself in a wheel chair, unable to really care for myself. All the worst possible scenarios came into my mind, and I broke down... I called my parents, calmly told them what was going on, and then I fell apart. All I could say, through my sobs was, "I don't want to have MS," My parents comforted me as only parents can.

When I hung up I fell to my knees and prayed for peace... I knew I could and would learn and grow from this; but I also drew strength from the fact that through my experience others could learn and grow. And I absolutely believe this is a true fact for any trial that anyone is experiencing. Our lives on this earth are so interconnected. We are who we are not just because of what we are striving to do, but also because of those we associate with, those we are close to, and even those who brush past our lives only for a moment.