Cooling Neck Scarf

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Our 100% cotton scarf is filled with non-toxic beads that, when hydrated, will cool you down as quickly as ice would!  41" x 2 1/2 ", you can wear the scarf on your neck, as a head band, or wrap it around your wrist to cool down quickly.  

We know that heat is a big enemy to people fighting MS, and these scarves will help keep over-heating at bay.  SImply soak the scarf for 5-15 minutes (until the beads are fully hydrated), wring it out to prevent dripping, then wear the scarf as you like.  The MS Store's Cooling Neck Scarf does not need to be frozen or kept refrigerated ... as long as the beads are hydrated, it will continue to keep you cool!   

With the Colling Neck Scarf, you'll be able to participate in more summer activities, knowing the Cooling Neck Scarf is doing its job in keeping your core temperature closer to where it should be... CHOOSE TO CONQUER! 

Do us a favor ... send us photos of you wearing your Cooling Neck Scarf as you participate in fun activities!