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Just what is a MIND TRAINING device?  Glad you asked!  Here's the short answer:

They're inventions that thrill those of us who are working toward relaxing more, focusing our thoughts, letting go of stress, savoring the good while releasing the bad, calming our heart rates, stilling our minds .... you get the idea.  

This particular device is a visual image of how successful we're being.  When used in conjunction with The MS Store's Brainlink Smart Headband, our Meditation Light Ball will allow you to easily recognize how well your mind is focusing and your whole self is relaxingYou see, it changes color, depicting your brain function.  Here's more:

  • Wireless Control Mode (distance of up to 11 yards, Connecting via Bluetooth
  • Full Color LED Brainwave lights
  • Portable
  • No need for Computer Hook-Up
  • USB Powered or Battery Powered
  • Flexible Material making it DURABLE
  • 2 Modes:  Attention Mode and Relaxation Mode
  • Comes with Instruction Booklet

So pick up your Meditation Ball today as you CHOOSE TO CONQUER!

*The MS Store makes no medical claims