OFF BY JUST ONE Quick Read Book

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Have you ever thought of a great idea but just did not have the time, money or inclination to move on it? Worse yet, did someone else suddenly move on the same idea, creating your vision under their name? It happens all the time. Here is a fun look at our oftentimes humorous circumstances in life.

There are vagaries of life that are heart wrenching and extremely difficult to bear; events that are humorous and funny; and those happenings that are of little to no consequence to anyone.

We use idioms, mantras and transpositions of letters and words which make no logical sense. Trying to figure out the meanings when the words actually say something else can be an exercise in laughter, bringing joy into our lives. The original saying probably made sense, but over time evolution took its toll and the saying morphed into a head-scratching statement of convoluted thought; thus the idiom is born.

“Idiom: A fixed distinctive expression whose meaning cannot be deduced from the combined meanings of its actual words.” (From the MS Word dictionary)

Another quick read book from Dennis Call with many pearls of wisdom. This one might just spur you into positive action for a more fulfilling life. You won’t always have to be ‘Off by Just One’.” PGD