Personal Air-Conditioner

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Staying cool is a must for many of us.

But as we participate in life, we're often placed in situations where we can't control the temperature.  No more!  Keep your Personal Air-Conditioner with you and you'll be able to cool down anytime, anyplace!  In fact, it comes with a neck strap AND an attached stand ... you choose to set it up in front of you or to wear it!  

Why does the Personal Air-Conditioner work so well?  It's like having a mini swamp cooler ... soak the provided sponge in water then place it in the unit.   The water will cool the air as it blows where you direct the flow.  And here's another really cool thing:  Drop your favorite essential oil on the soaked sponge and you'll be rewarded with the benefits of aromatherapy!  Of course, that's optional ... keeping cool is the main thing.  And you will keep cool!  The 18 watts shoot out a nice air flow. You'll love it!  

The MS Store's Personal Air-Conditioner comes with a USB charging cable.  Charge completely before using the first time.  The unit is approximately 5"x3"x2"