TENS Muscle Stimulation

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This little machine can be used for all SORTS of things. Typically used for massage or acupuncture, this little machine can be used to COMBAT the awful MS ITCH.

The TENS muscle stimulation works by sending small, safe electric currents through your muscles in different patterns and strengths. Those same small electric currents also stimulate your nerves. It creates a pleasant tingly sensation in your muscles. 

MS itch is triggered by nerve endings sending the itch signal just because. Since there is no way to make the itching sensation stop it is nearly impossible to resist scratching and rubbing often times breaking the skin. 

SO when your nerves decide to give you the itch, get them right back with some electric stimulation instead of scratching tirelessly. Your nerves will have a much better sensation to register instead of torturing you with the dreaded itch. THIS could be the game changer you need to combat.

  • Many different settings for different types of stimulation
  • You choose how strong the stimulation is
  • Works on a timer
  • Battery powered or plug in option
  • The pads may be used more than once
  • When the pads no longer stick more can be ordered



Please note that TENS Muscle Stimulation is not clinically proven to cure what is known as the MS itch. However, there is anecdotal evidence of temporary relief. This machine is NOT to be used in conjunction with any electric medical device such as a pace maker. If you have any doubts please consult with your doctor.