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We really only live once on this earth. Life is made up of moments, each of which cannot be reclaimed. The moment comes, and then the moment is gone. We use it – or we lose it. How are we living our moments? Do we remember YOLO? Eve and Esther from the Bible didn't know the term YOLO but they lived it.

What characteristics did Eve and Esther share that made them women to be emulated? How can we become more like Eve and Esther? Our lives are made up of years; years made of days; and days made up of moments. Living in the moment is a choice. Living joyfully no matter what the moments bring, is an attribute that can be cultivated and a gift of the Spirit.

Living in the present and being joyful shows gratitude to our Heavenly Father for the gift of mortality. And it makes our mortal adventure so much more enjoyable and properly memorable. 

If we are intentional about our time, the day will come when we will feel fulfilled and satisfied because we savored our moments. YOLO.